Valentine's Idea no. 37: Notes and Balloons...

Another romantic gesture I saw on TV. Thought it was schoooo schweet.

For Valentine's Day, this guy floated 40 red balloons in the hallway with a love note attached to each and every one of them. When his girlfriend saw it, she cried. Was apparently the first time she'd ever sniffled over a romantic gesture. I'd probably be swimming in a bucket of my own tears too if it was me.

Anyway, this might be something for you to try out this Valentine's Day, or maybe try a variation of it.

Good luck :-)

Valentine's Idea no. 36: a Romantic Meal...in a Tent

I saw this on TV actually. The guy set up a medium-sized tent in the back garden - it was Egyptian-themed on the inside - and him and his boo had a whale of a Valentine's night feeding each other grapes and stuff and getting their Anthony and Cleopatra groove on.

Nothing to stop you from doing something similar this Valentine's Day. The tent would be an empty canvas for you to set up the interior in any way you wish... so get creative!

Hey, and you don't even have to have a garden, you know. Do you have a fair-sized balcony? Fine, that'll do. Or you can even set it up in the living room or the bedroom. Who says you can't do that, huh?

Why not pick up a tent on Amazon?

Valentine's Idea no. 35: Give 'Em A Rose Everyday in February...

You don't have to wait 'til Valentine's Day to give your boo a bunch of roses. Why not start giving them one every single day from February 1st all the way up 'til the Valentine's or the last day of that month.

Roses ain't just for women. That's just a stereotype (well, in my books, it is). So give ya man a rose, dammit. Rose him the heck out. :-)

After February's done, why stop there? How about giving him/her a rose every week for the rest of the year? Make it a romantic habit.

Valentine's Idea no. 34: Do an Angelina Jolie - Give Your Lover a Vial of Your Blood...

Please don't take this suggestion literally. I'm totally talking fake here. Some boiled down strawberry Ribena or watered down red jam should do the trick. It's just a sweet romantic gesture; just for the sentiment.

Buy a nice silver chain and a small see-through vial/glass bottle to pour the 'blood' in.

Valentine's Idea no. 33: Don't Lose Sight of What It's All About...

While you're running around planning for Valentine's Day, take a bit of time to chill and think about what the day's really all about, about the person you're doing this all for, and about how you feel about him/her.

The prezzies are cool, can be highly thoughtful and meaningful, but it's the relationship, the connection you have with this person that's the most important thing.

So buy the gifts... but don't lose sight of what really matters, yah?

Ok. Cool.

Valentine's Idea no. 32: Go Salsa Dancing...

I tell ya, there's nothing like salsa dancing to work up an appetite!

So grab your date and go sweat your funk on, ya hear?!

(p.s.: listen, don't worry about the sweat - you can deal with that later. Just stay focused on grooving your little hearts out!)

Valentine's Idea no. 31: Learn Pole dancing Together...


Why not?

You can hire a pole dancing instructor to give the both of you private lessons.

Go on. It'll be fun!

So what if you come back with aching muscles? It just gives you both an excuse to break open the massage oils and make each other feel better!

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